WordPress Care Packages

Let us help keep your WordPress website, themes, and plugins up to date and running smoothly with our flexible monthly packages.


Monthly support to keep your site’s content and appearance up to date.

Custom Support is included at a reduced rate with each package and can be used for WordPress core settings, plugins and theme settings, as well as content updates for all pages, posts, and category pages. 

See the FAQ for more information.


WordPress Core and Plugins

Security Updates

Security updates to WordPress core files, themes and plugins are applied within 24 hours(often within hours) of a security patch release.

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Staged Updates

Incompatible modules breaking the site is the most common problem with updates. We test updates in a staging environment, which is an exact clone of the live site. After confirming a successful update in the staging site, will we update the live site.

Managed Updates

Scheduled updates to WordPress core files, themes and plugins, with back-up and rollback to previous versions, in the event of conflicts.

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Visual comparison

We visually compare the updated website with the old version to ensure updates have not broken the layout or functionality. 


Off-site Cloud backups

Storing backups on the same server the WordPress site itself is hosted on is bad practice. If the website encounters any problems you may lose access to the backups when you need them the most. We store all backups in a secure off-site location, ready to deploy on demand.

Backup before updating

Your webiste should always be backed up before updating. In the event an updated breaks something, you can restore it to it’s previous state. The systems we put in place will automatically backup the website before running any updates.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Disaster strikes when you least expect it. 24/7 security monitoring to scan and protect your website. With 24/7 security monitoring,  any issue is caught and addressed before it gets a chance to cause havoc.

Website hardening

Multiple attempts to hack your website will be made regularly, regardless of the size of your business or website. We will harden your website by implementing asecure, multi-tier barricade all around it.

Malware cleanup

In the rare but inevitable event of your website being hacked and infected with malware, it will be cleaned up immediately after being notifitied by our 24/7 security monitoring.


Performance Optimization

If your website takes even a few seconds more to load, that hurts your conversion. We will continuously work towards reducing the load time of your website and optimize it, so you don’t lose out on traffic and conversions.

Uptime Monitoring

It is critical to your business to keep your website available and accessible to visitors. Continuous  uptime monitoring allows us to find and fix issues as soon as they happen. 


Regular housekeeping keeps your website squeaky clean. 

Maintenance Items
For revisions, the 3 latest versions are kept.

  • Remove all Post Revisions
  • Remove all auto Draft posts
  • Clear Unapproved Comments
  • Clear “Spam” comments
  • Clear trash Comments
  • Clear trash posts
  • Remove unused posts metadata
  • Remove unused comments metadata
  • Optimize database Tables
  • Remove pingbacks
  • Remove trackbacks


A detailed breakdown of services completed on a monthly basis.

You can view a sample report here:

Monthly Report

Regular Maintenance & Updates

Keeping your WordPress website maintained and up to date can be a tedious and time consuming task. Failing to do so can result in broken functionality, slow load times, or in the case of missing security updates, a hacked website spreading malware and viruses to your users.

Let us help you keep your WordPress website, as well as the theme and plugins that power it up to date, running smoothly, and secure. 

We offer ongoing monthly services starting at $59.95/month, as well as one-time services on request. 

What is the onboarding process?

After signing up, if you don’t already have an account, we will send you your login information for the customer portal. We will then send a request for access to your website via a secure link. Once the login information provided is confirmed, we will inspect your website, create a staging environment, then do all of the necessary updates and testing on the staging server. Once we complete the updates and testing on the staging server, we will push the changes to your live site. This process will be completed within 2 business days of your initial signup.

What is included with Custom Support hours?

Custom Support hours include WordPress core settings, plugins and theme settings, as well as all pages, posts, and category changes. We can also do small CSS and HTML changes. For more advanced requests, like creating a template file or changing PHP or JS code, we can do that for you with the purchase of development hours, or we can provide an estimate.

Security Updates

Security-related issues are regularly patched with security updates by developers. Hackers will specifically target these exploits as soon as they are released, so security updates should be applied with highest priority.

Managed Updates

The most crucial part of maintaining a WordPress site is keeping it up to date. Failing to keep your site up to date puts it at a huge risk of being hacked. Apply the update and you risk breaking the website.

What happens if an update breaks something on the website?

All updates are first run on the staging site to make sure there are no issues with any of the updates that are applied. Only then will the updates be applied to the live site. 

From time to time, there are updates that are realeased by the authors of the 3rd party plugins that you have installed that can break functionality or styling on your website. This could be due to a plugin or theme being incompatible with the latest version of WordPress, or they might have a conflict with another plugin on your site. If this happens, we will revert the conflicting item back to the previous version and wait for the next compatible update. 


It is important to only install plugins and themes that are well rated and built by trusted authors. Doing so will ensure your website has the least amount of possible issues. 


If the issue is with a custom-built plug-in, we can offer solutions to fix them and provide an estimate.    


Where are backups stored?

Backups are stored on Amazon Web Services Simple Storage System, known as S3. S3 boasts object durability levels of 99.999999999%, achieved by storing redundant copies of data across multiple geographies and facilities.

Are backups encrypted?

Yes. Backups are stored with Server Side Encryption using one of the strongest block ciphers available, AES-256.

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